The Warrior is the 2-handed axe-wielding Varl starting melee unit. His passive is Heavy Impact. He can be recruited from the Mead House. Since he is a starting unit, his Stats are already at their peak.


After achieving 5 total kills, the Warrior is eligible for promotion to one of the following classes:

Warhawk Warleader Warmaster
Warhawk icon
Warleader icon
Warmaster icon


As a starting unit, the Warrior does not have an ability. 

Passive: Heavy ImpactEdit

The warrior hits so hard that any enemies standing adjacent to his target on a strength attack take 1 strength damage from the shockwave.

Hitting a large target like a Varl or Dredge who takes up four tiles can potentially cause an impact across many more victims than hitting a single-square target such as a human.


Movement: 4 tiles

Value Stat
9 Armor
12 Strength
5 Willpower
2 Exertion
2 Break

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