The Warhawk is the 2-handed sword-wielding Varl melee unit, promoted from the Warrior. His passive is Heavy Impact. He has a base movement range of 4-tiles.

Ability: TempestEdit


The Warhawk uses his massive weight to sweep his weapon around himself, hitting multiple adjacent targets, friend or foe, for normal strength damage.

Tempest triggers the Warhawk's passive ability, Heavy Impact, which in turn can cause a chain reaction of destruction if used in close quarters. Keeping the Warhawk out of harm's way until late in the fight will maximize his effectiveness.

Tempest hits the initial target plus additional units, friend or foe, moving in a clockwise fashion around the Warhawk.

Rank 1:  hits up to 2 targets

Rank 2:  hits up to 3 targets

Rank 3:  hits up to 4 targets

Passive: Heavy ImpactEdit

The warrior hits so hard that any enemies standing adjacent to his target on a strength attack take 1 strength damage from the shockwave.

Hitting a large target like a Varl or Dredge who takes up four tiles can potentially cause an impact across many more victims than hitting a single-square target such as a human.


Movement: 4 tiles

Range Stat
7 - 12 Armor
10 - 16 Strength
2 - 11 Willpower
0 - 2 Exertion
1 - 2 Break
Rank Stat points
1 31
2 32
3 33