The Banner Saga - Factions Playable Units. The starting units are recruitable at the Mead House, while the other units are promoted from the starting units. Units are able to be promoted after they have reached the required number of kills.

Starting UnitsEdit

Archer Raider Shieldbanger Warrior
Archer icon
Raider icon
Shieldbanger icon
Warrior icon


Bowmaster Siege Archer Skystriker
Bowmaster icon
Siegearcher icon
Skystriker icon


Backbiter Raidmaster Thrasher
Backbiter icon
Axemaster icon
Thrasher icon


Provoker Shieldmaster Strongarm
Provoker icon
Shieldmaster icon
Strongarm icon


Warhawk Warleader Warmaster
Warhawk icon
Warleader icon
Warmaster icon

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