Tournaments are a separate ladder event that are held weekly. A tournament runs for 5 days and then is off for 2 days. Tournament games are played with the 30-seconds timer, per turn.

It costs 20 Renown to enter a tournament. Tournament matches are limited at 5 per a day, but will accumulate over the week, up to 25 matches per a tournament week.

Tournaments use an ELO rating system. The player with the highest rating at the end of the week is the Champion.

Rewards include +200 Renown for first place, +100 Renown for second place, and +50 Renown for third place.

List of Weekly Tournament ChampionsEdit

Beta: Tirean the Klutz

Release: (see table below)

Week Winner Rating Matches Wins
1 Conundrum  ???  ???  ???
2 balnoisi 1241  ???  ???
3 lockedmind 1260 25 25
4 Tirean the Klutz 1253 23 23
5 Tirean the Klutz 1287 27 27
6 Global Anarchy 1300 30 29

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