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Welcome to the Banner Saga Wiki

The Banner Saga is a tactical RPG developed by Stoic. It is to be released as a single player campaign, The Banner Saga: Chapter 1 – the first of a projected trilogy – as well as a separate free-to-play online multiplayer game, The Banner Saga: Factions.

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What is The Banner Saga?

"Short answer: role-playing meets turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about vikings. Travel through stunning landscapes straight out of an animated film as your party escapes what could be the end of everything. Battle painstakingly hand-animated foes in strategic, turn-based combat. Make decisions with real consequences in conversations with people you'll actually care about.

The Banner Saga is a mature game aimed at gamers who appreciate art, story and strategy. Hope you'll join the caravan."

The Banner Saga was fully funded by Kickstarter. Its initial goal of $100,000 was easily surpassed, reaching $723,886 as of April 20, 2012. Backers will receive a variety of Kickstarter Prizes according to their pledge value.

Featured Videos
The Banner Saga Announcement Trailer01:43

The Banner Saga Announcement Trailer

Announcement Trailer

  • Camp Screen
  • Heroes Screen
  • Cinematic - Moon trees
  • Training Screen
  • Cinematic - Varl in Strand
  • Cinematic - Varl caravan in Strand
  • Cinematic - Governor of Strand
  • Cinematic - Varl in Strand - Great Hall
  • Cinematic - Governor of Strand
  • Cinematic - Strand Wall Art
  • Cinematic - Strand Wall Art
  • Cinematic - Strand Wall Art

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