The Strongarm is a promoted unit from the Shieldbanger. His passive is Return the Favor. He has a base movement range of 3-tiles.

Ability: Battering RamEdit

Battering Ram

The Strongarm smashes into an enemy or ally, knocking them back up to 4 spaces, and pushing them through anyone (or anything) in the way. Battering Ram does armor damage based on rank and adds 1 more armor damage to the target for each unit they pass through. If there is a character on the destination tile, the ability cannot be used.

The ability can be used on both friend or foe, making it versatile in many situations.

Rank 1:  knock back and do 1 armor damage

Rank 2:  knock back and do 3 armor damage

Rank 3:  knock back and do 5 armor damage

Passive: Return the FavorEdit

A character who attacks a shieldbanger loses 1 point of armor for each strike he makes.

Return the Favor triggers every time the Shieldbanger takes damage from an adjacent enemy, which can make it devastating to hit him with attacks that strike multiple times.


Movement: 3 tiles

Range Stat
9-15 Armor
9-15 Strength
3-10 Willpower
0-2 Exertion
1-2 Break
Rank Stat points
1 33
2 34
3 35