Sparr has seen more of the world than most and has more opinions on it than others. He's been with the Ravens longer than any other human which is a testament to both his physical and emotional resolve. Then again, some just think he's too old and stubborn to die.

Through his wit, poetry, and music, Sparr enhances the prowess of the Ravens in distinctive and numerous ways. Possibly through his influence, the Ravens themselves take an interesting approach to music in general. For the Ravens, singing and chanting is seen as a purely martial art. Unlike most of the other characters in the saga, who break into song at each godstone, and during camp, the Ravens only sing when they engage in battle.

Joining the Party Edit

Sparr is the longtime companion of Bolverk and the oldest member of his mercenary group, the Ravens. Sparr is available in the Roster of the Ravens caravan from the beginning of Chapter 9.

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