The Shieldbanger is the shield carrying Varl starting melee unit. His passive is Return the Favor. He can be recruited from the Mead House. Since he is a starting unit, his Stats are already at their peak. He has a base movement range of 3-tiles.


After achieving 5 total kills, the Shieldbanger is eligible for promotion to one of the following classes:

Provoker Shieldmaster Strongarm
Provoker icon
Shieldmaster icon
Strongarm icon


As a starting unit, the Shieldbanger does not have an ability. 

Passive: Return the FavorEdit

A character who attacks a shieldbanger loses 1 point of armor for each strike he makes.

Return the Favor triggers every time the Shieldbanger takes damage from an adjacent enemy, which can make it devastating to hit him with attacks that strike multiple times.


Movement: 3 tiles

Value Stat
14 Armor
10 Strength
4 Willpower
1 Exertion
2 Break

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