The raider is the shield carrying human starting melee unit. His passive is Shield Wall. He can be recruited from the Mead House. Since he is a starting unit, his Stats are already at their peak. He has a base movement range of 4-tiles.


After achieving 5 total kills, the Raider is eligible for promotion to one of the following classes:

Backbiter Raidmaster Thrasher
Backbiter icon
Axemaster icon
Thrasher icon


As a starting unit, the Raider does not have an ability. 

Passive: Shield WallEdit

By standing next to an ally, the raider creates a Shield Wall, raising the armor of both himself and his ally by 1. This bonus remains until the raider is no longer adjacent to the ally.

When multiple raiders stand next to each other this effect is magnified as they grant each other their own bonus. Four raiders standing in a square formation will each gain an additional 4 armor.


Movement: 4 tiles

Value Stat
9 Armor
9 Strength
6 Willpower
2 Exertion
2 Break

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