In the Great Hall, at the top of Strand, players join matches. From there, they can play Versus or Friend Match, with varying timers.


Versus is one of the two primary match modes for The Banner Saga Factions. In this mode, players are matched up with other players online, based on player rating and the player's team's total Renown points. Players may choose to use either the default 60-second timer or use the 30-second timer, gaining a Renown bonus (2 Renown) per battle.

Friend MatchEdit

In this mode, players can play games directly with their friends on Steam who also have The Banner Saga Factions. The inviting player can choose the turn-timer and map. Turn-timers include: 60-second, 30-second, and Unlimited.

  • To invite a player, their Steam profile needs to be public.
  • Friend matches do not grant Renown.

For more information on adding Steam friends, go to Friend Match.