The model varl warrior. Griss doesn't have much distinction to his name and little influence on the politics of varl , but he's a warrior through and through, having fought in every great war and killed countless Dredge and men alike. Dependable, when he's not shooting his mouth off.

Joining to Party Edit

Early in Chapter 3, Griss will be overheard disrespecting Hakon. If properly confronted about it, Griss will be embarrassed and he will later offer to join Hakon's personal guard in order to redeem himself. If Hakon doesn't explicitly decline his offer, Griss will offer to join one last time: that happens if you emerge victorious in the War battle against the Dredge that have invaded the small village before Ridgehorn. If Griss survives Chapter 3, he will join Rook's caravan in the end of Chapter 7.

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